International Waterski Events Participation By MWWF

IWSF Asian Championships, Kuala Lumpur – Maiden Participation by Malaysia in an international

Junior Worlds, Columbia – Just Alex Yoong participated

IWSF World Championships, Singapore – Phillipa 37th overall in the world

IWSF Asian Championships, KL, Malaysia – Phillipa Yoong 1 silver slalom, 1 bronze jump

IWSF Asian Championships, Kunming, China – Participated (National team comprised Alex Yoong, Phillipa Yoong, Adam Lokman, Alfie Othman)

SEA Games, Jakarta, Indonesia – Phillipa Yoong 1 gold jump, 2 bronzes slalom & trickts. Alex Yoong 1 silver slalom (National team comprised Phillipa Yoong, Alex Yoong, Adam Lokman)

IWSF Asian Championships, Changsa, China – Participated

IWSF Asian Championships, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE – Phillipa Yoong 1 bronze slalom

3 – 7 September: IWSF Asian Australian Championships, Chuncheong, Korea – Phillipa Yoong 5th Asian Women’s Wakeboard, 4th Asia Women’s Slalom

2008 IWSF Putrajaya Waterski World Cup – Phillipa Yoong became Malaysia’s first ever wild card entry in Women’s Slalom in a World Cup

Nov: IWSF Coaching Seminar, Beijing, China – MWSF sent Phillipa Yoong as participant

May-Rd1 Putrajaya Waterski & Wakeboard Junior Cup – Malaysian team won 7 Golds out of 11 gold medals

MWWF launched ambitious 10 Year Plan to produce a World Champion by 2020

OCT-AAO Championships, Jakarta, Indonesia – Phillipa won 2nd Overall, 3rd slalom

Dec-Asian Beach Games, Muscat, Oman – Phillipa placed 4th, Aaliyah 5th, Hanis 6th

Jul-World Waterski Championship, Dubna, Russia – Phillipa & Aaliyah Yoong participated

Oct-Asian Open/U17 Championships, Putrajaya – Phillipa won gold in slalom and Aaliyah won gold in U17 trickts. Nadiah won silver U17 Slalom. Shamal won silver in U17 Slalom and Jump. Aaliyah won bronze in Open Tricks, Hanis won bronze in U17 tricks.

Nov-26th SEA Games, Palembang, Indonesia – Phillipa Yoong won 2 golds, Alex Yoong 1 gold and Aaliyah Yoong 1 gold to become the youngest ever SEA Games gold medalist at 8 in the 50 years history of the Games

Jun-3rd Asian Beach Games, Haiyang, China – Alex 8th in Men’s Tricks, Aaliyah 7th in Women’s Tricks

Jul-Coup De Meuzac, France – Aaliyah at 9 years old participated and won 1st in U14 Girls Tricks. Broke Nat record.

Aug-Asian Championships, Chuncheon, Korea – Phillipa retained her Asian slalom crown with a gold. Aaliyah retained her U17 Junior Championship title at age 9

Feb-2012 World Junior (U17) Championships, Mulwala, Australia – Aaliyah also entered the finals of the World Junior Championship for U17 in Mulwala, Australia to finish 7th

Mar- Junior Moomba Masters, Melbourne, Australia – Aaliyah has been invited to participate and finished 7th

May-IWWF World Cup, Palembang, Indonesia – Aaliyah as a wild card – 9th position in Women’s Tricks

Jun-San Gervasio International, Italy – Aaliyah participated and won 2nd in U14 to Open Women’s Tricks

Jul-WWUT International Cup, Fischlham, Austria – Aaliyah participated and won 3rd in U12 to Open Women’s Tricks

Sep-Asian Championships, Jakarta, Indonesia – Aaliyah became the youngest champion in Asian Open Women Tricks at 10

IWWF World Championships, Chile – Participated

World Rankings for 4 Young Malaysians – Aaliyah ranked 8th in U17 girls and 38th in Open Women in the world with Syahir Nasir, Arianna Chow and Aiden also appearing in the world ranking lists

Mar-Junior Moomba Masters, Melbourne, Australia – Aaliyah wom silver in tricks

Mar-Malindo Junior Cup, Jakarta, Indonesia – Aaliyah won 3 golds & 1 silver U17, Syahir 1 gold U17, Quinn Wai 1 silver U14, Aiden 1 silver U14, Adalm 1 bronze U14

Aug-4th Flip & Jump Contest, San Gervasio, Italy – Aaliyah 2nd U17 Tricks, Arinana 2nd U14 Tricks and Aiden 2nd U14 Tricks

Sep-Asian Cup, Makassar, Indonesia – Aaliyah won gold and Arianna won bronze in Women’s Tricks

Oct-Asian Oceanian Championships, Perth, Australia – Aaliyah won gold U17 tricks and silver for women tricks, Arianna won silver U17 tricks and bronze in women tricks. Aiden won silver in Asian U17 tricks.

Nov-4th Asian Beach Games, Phuket, Thailand – Aaliyah won silver in Women’s Tricks

Mar-Junior Moomba Masters, Melbourne, Australia – Aaliyah won 3rd in tricks

Mar-Indonesian Open, Bandung, Indonesia – Aaliyah won gold in Open Women Tricks. Broke Asian record in Tricks set by China’s E-Min in 1995

Jul-SEA Games, Bedok, Singapore – Aaliyah won 2 golds & 1 silver & 1 bronze and Aiden won 1 bronze. Overall: 2 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze

Nov-Asian Championship, Bangkok, Thailand – Aaliyah participated

Nov-World Championship, Chapala, Mexico – Participated (Team comprised of Aaliyah and Aiden Yoong)

IWWF U21 World Championships, Sesena, Spain

Mar-Junior Moomba Masters, Melbourne, Australia – Aaliyah 4th in tricks

May-Sunset Cup Masters LCQ, Orlando, USA – Aaliyah broke new Asian Record in tricks

Aug-Malaysian Nationals (Intl Invitations), Putrajaya – Aaliyah won 2 golds, Arianna 1 silver & 1 bronze, Hsu Ann gold in WB and Ariana Eimer silver in WB

Aug-Asian Championships, Yeonggwang, Korea – Overall: 6 golds, 1 silver. National team comprised of Aaliyah, Arianna, Aiden, Adam & Syahir

Jan-2016 Junior World Championships, Chile – Participated. National Team comprised of Aaliyah, Aiden & Adam Yoong

Feb-Asian Oceanian Championshipsm New Zealand – Aaliyah won 1 gold and broke Asian record and New Zealand record

Mar-Junior Moomba Masters, Melbourne, Australia – Aaliyah 3rd in tricks

May-Florida Inboards Open, Florida, USA – Aaliyah broke National record in Jump, Syahir in Slalom and Adam in Tricks and Aiden in U17 Tricks

May-25th US Junior Masters, Orlando, USA – Aaliyah 4th in Tricks

May-Sunset Lakes Cup Masters LCQ, Florida, USA – Aaliyah 3rd in U17 Tricks, Adam 1st U13 Tricks (Broke Nat record)

SEA Games, Putrajaya, Malaysia – Won 3 golds, Adam won 1 gold to become the youngest male gold medalist at 9 in the 52 years history of the Games. Overall medals: 4 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronze

Feb-SEA Friendship, Jakarta, Indonesia – Aaliyah won gold in tricks, slalom and jump

Mar-Junior Moomba Masters, Melbourne, Australia – Aaliyah 5th in tricks, 11th slalom, 6th jump and 5th overall

Mar-Latrobe International, Victoria, Australia – Aaliyah 3rd Tricks, 5th Slalom, 4th Jump, Adam 2nd U21 Tricks and Aiden 3rd

May- Florida Inboards, Florida, USA – Aaliyah broke National record in Jump and Adam in Tricks

May-26th Junior US Master, Callaway Gardens, USA – Aaliyah won silver in Tricks

Aug-Junior World Championships, Sesena, Spain – Aaliyah 4th in Tricks and 5th in overall. National team comrpised Aaliyah, Aiden and Adam Yoong

Sep – Asian Waterski & Wakeboard Championships, Bangkok, Thailand Aaliyah won slalom, jump, tricks overall gold. In Junior boys, Aiden won tricks gold and overall bronze & Adam won bronze tricks

Aug – World Waterski Championships, Putrajaya, Malaysia Aaliyah placed 10th in tricks

Events cancelled due to Covid-19

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